Currently home to the winners rising stars Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, Eli Fross, and Super Producer Great John on The Beat by The Way.

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Sheff G

Blending the sonics of Chicago and U.K. drill with his own material, rapper Sheff G is one of the core figures in the creation of New York's drill crowd.

After the single "No Suburban" became one of the scene's earliest hits, he soon became one of its most recognizable figures, bringing the style to international audiences with his Panic series of singles. He continued to develop his sound, releasing his 2019 mixtape The Unluccy Luccy Kid, 2020 album One and Only, and singles like 2021's "On Go" featuring Polo G.

Sleepy Hallow

Sleepy Hallow co-owns Winners Circle Entertainment with his frequent collaborator Sheff G.Still Sleep?is being touted as Sleepy Hallow’s debut album. Last year, he shared the project Sleepy for President and an EP called The Black House. The previous year, Sleepy Hallow issued his debut mixtape Don’t Sleep.

After showcasing his talent, this artist was now considered to be one of those people who should be given attention. He worked with Sheff G most of the time. The hip-hop culture in Brooklyn was shaped by it. The album was released on Halloween in the year 2019. He was thinking of an underground scene when he heard about this album. This came from a 14-track project which had a lot of hits. I GeT Luv, Bestie, Tension, and Agony are examples. The release was called Deep End freestyle. This release was made on his channel. It was a two-minute-long release that had nearly 10 million views.

Eli Fross

Eli Fross first built a name in Brooklyn’s drill scene with songs like “Situations” and “Gorillas” in 2018. But, like his Winners Circle Ent cohorts Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow, Eli’s spent the last several years building beyond the insular scene they helped birth. Fross is now positioned as the next in line to make a major hurdle in the group, and his new CESAR project finds him reaching beyond drill with assistance from in-house producer Great John. On “GOAT Freestyle,” he trades bars back and forth with fellow label mate Sleepy Hallow over a hypnotizing vocal sample.

Jay Bezzy

Pairing flexible vocals with stylish rhymes and fearless confidence, Jay Bezzy serves up melodic anthems with a Brooklyn flair. Since he began recording music five years ago, the 19-year-old has unleashed an engaging mix of energetic bangers and soul-baring confessionals, theme songs for fans with fly guy aspirations and a familiarity with broken romance. He explores the latter on “Fuck Love,” a new single laced with pained melody and crystalline sincerity.

Gliding over romantic guitar strings, Bezzy uses earnest lyrics to render a dissolving relationship in disarming vulnerability: “Now you acting like my love is not enough/Playing games pretending that you aren’t in love/Now every time I call your phone, pray you pick up.” While "Fuck Love" sees him reflect on heartbreak, on tracks like "Know Me," he lets loose menacing bars and flexes in equal measure, showcasing the range he’s cultivated since the beginning of his rap dreams.

Great John

Great John is a producer/engineer from New Jersey. He’s been making music since 2005. He voices his own producer tag: “Great John on the beat by the way.” He is best known for producing most of Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow’s songs.